Recessed LED downlights offer a creative, efficient, and unobtrusive way to illuminate your interior space. Lighting does far more than brighten up spaces; it adds to the overall look-and-feel of your home, adding impact to your interior design. Lighting can also boost your productivity at work.

With the right choice for a recessed LED downlight, light tone and with the ideal way in which they are installed, you can get the best results from your downlights.

What is a recessed LED downlight?

A recessed LED downlight is a lighting fixture that is recessed in the ceiling to beam light on the space below.

Recessed lighting finds a variety of applications. They can be used as accent lights in a living room or bedroom, or a task light in the kitchen. Recessed lighting can also be used as gallery lights in art galleries, exhibit areas, and museums to highlight artworks and exhibits.

Are there several types of recessed LED downlights?

Yes, there are.

The variety of recessed LED downlights differs in terms of colour of light, shape of the fitting, and the design of fixtures that come with the fitting.

In terms of colour, recessed LED downlights can come in warm white, cool white and cool daylight, and some designed with interchangeable colour feature, like the Stanford Duoilluma lights.

Duoilluma 120

Warm white resembles the warm glow from an incandescent bulb, although, it does not give off the typical yellow glow. Cool white is mostly used to illuminate display counters in retail shops, to make products on display more attractive. Cool white is also often used in buildings that have night-time operations, such as contact centres, hospitals, and other facilities.

The distinct brightness of cool white LED bulbs is said to keep night shifters more awake and alert without necessarily being blinding.

Finally, there’s the cool daylight recessed LED downlight, which, as the name suggests, beams the same light as though the natural light of day. Recessed LED downlights may also vary in terms of the shape of the fitting. Most of the time, you are given a choice between a round or square

Whatever type of recessed LED downlight you choose, the most important consideration is achieving your desired illumination. To achieve this with recessed LED downlights, you must consider the distance between the downlights and how to install the downlights properly to avoid what is known as the “dark shadow.”

How far apart should you install recessed LED downlights?

The rules for spacing out recessed LED downlights aren’t carved in stone. To decide on how far apart you should install your recessed LED downlight, ask yourself, what is the application of the LED downlights?

If it’s simply to create a mood in the bedroom, then you can use them sparsely. If it is to be applied in a store, then more downlights spaced close to each other would be recommendable.

Some installers would measure the height of the ceiling from the floor and divide this to two to arrive at good gauge for how many recessed LED downlights to install. For example, if your ceiling height measures 3.0 metre, you should space your lights 1.5 metre apart.

Use this is a guideline, not as a rule. A lot of other factors still come into play, such as the natural lighting that goes into the room, whether you have a focal point which you would like to emphasise, and others.

How can you avoid the ‘dark shadow’ when installing your recessed LED downlight?

As a final and perhaps the most crucial point on installing recessed LED downlights, how do you install them without casting a shadow on the wall or in the corners of the room?

The rule of thumb is to install the recessed LED downlight 0.9 metre away from the wall. This way, it doesn’t cast a shadow that makes the room look dark and gloomy. Remember, shadows on the walls or the corners also make the room look smaller than its actual size. A bright room, on the other hand, enhances the spaces and makes the room feel bigger and more comfortable.

All the best with your recessed LED downlight installation!

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