Ceiling fans are appliances that give much needed comfort on a sweltering day. Airconditioning units give cool air, and it’s the ceiling fan that moves air to a wider area at home.

Choosing the right ceiling fan could give you much to think about, so we’ve simplified the selection process to three points below.  You’ll need to tick off these three points to make sure the ceiling fan you’re bringing home assures of safety, performance, and design aesthetics.


Point #1: Ceiling height

The ideal height between your floor and the ceiling fan is 7 or 8 feet. Too low, and it might pose a safety issue. Too high, and you might end up not feeling the air circulate.

To get the right height, factor in how the ceiling fan will be mounted. Will it use a down rod? Will it be flush mounted, meaning, will the fan be directly mounted onto the ceiling without any attachment? Whatever, make sure that the measurement between ceiling fan and floor will include the installation attachments.

Point #2: Room size and energy rating

To get the most of your ceiling fan, measure the size of the room and find the right size of the ceiling fan blade for that room. Fan blades range from 29-54 inches, the most popular being 52, according to  ENERGY STAR®, which is a government-backedlabeling program that helps you find the right appliance to save money from energy efficiency.

Follow this recommendation from ENERGY STAR® on the room size and the ideal fan blade to use:

  • Rooms up to 75 square feet = 29-36 inch
  • Rooms 76-144 square feet = 36-42 inch
  • Rooms 144-225 square feet = 44 inch
  • Rooms 225-400 square feet = 50-54 inch

Point #3: Design and aesthetics

Choose a ceiling fan that not only serves its function, but one that also accentuates the beauty of your home. Take a hint from the existing colours on your walls or doors, or match your ceiling fan with the design of your furniture, area rug, and other decorations at home.

Some ceiling fans have reversible blades so you can use a fresh side when the other side needs some tidying.

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