Inspirational Living is a one-stop concept store that work with preferred Interior Design Boutique CRAIGSLAB with unconventional approach to interior design, in addition to carefully selected fan and lighting pieces to spruce up your space.

Interior design is not just about space planning and renovating a home. CRIAGSLAB feels a social responsibility to share their wealth of product & material knowledge with their clients.

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Ever been captivated by a beautiful artwork?  For a work of art to be truly inspiring, how it is framed and where it is displayed are important considerations. At Inspirational Living, our Sales Consultants expertly install your lighting and fan products. They amplify the beauty of existing interiors and achieve your desired function and mood. Poorly installed lighting and fan will fail to deliver your desired experience, no matter how good your product is. Very commonly you hear comments like :

  • Ceiling fan has not enough wind power
  • Strobing lights caused by ceiling fan
  • Too much light hence too bright

Let our electrical installation experts solve all your electrical and installation problems.

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With Inspirational Living, you are not only bringing home exquisite lighting and fan products. You are tapping into a network of seasoned technical and design professionals who will help turn your design aspirations into reality.

Expert electricians and professional installers ensure every product finds its right spot in your home or workspace, beautifying interiors and enhancing the way you live, work, and play. Top notch interior designers enlighten you with their boundless creativity.

Visit Inspirational Living today. Experience a one-stop shopping experience to a truly inspired living.

Want to get the best results from your recessed LED downlights? Try these tips!

Recessed LED downlights offer a creative, efficient, and unobtrusive way to illuminate your interior space. Lighting does far more than brighten up spaces; it adds to the overall look-and-feel of your home, adding impact to your interior design.

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