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Want to get the best results from your recessed LED downlights? Try these tips!

Recessed LED downlights offer a creative, efficient, and unobtrusive way to illuminate your interior space. Lighting does far more than brighten up spaces; it adds to the overall look-and-feel of your home, adding impact to your interior design.

Why understanding lumens is key to lighting your interiors efficiently

Have you ever walked into a room that seemed dark even if you can see that the light bulbs are switched on? What could be the problem here? It could be the lumens.

The 3-point buyers guide to the right ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are appliances that give much needed comfort on a sweltering day. Airconditioning units give cool air, and it’s the ceiling fan that moves air to a wider area at home.

Buying decorative lights is best as a “see, touch, feel” experience vs buying online

These days, lighting delivers more than just illumination to interiors and exteriors. Decorative lights have become an integral part of design aesthetics for homes, offices and other commercial establishments.

Top 3 Reasons Consumers Still Prefer To Buy LED Downlights From A Local Store Than Online

There’s no denying that consumers have embraced online shopping as the norm. According to business consultancy PwC, 60 per cent of consumers in Singapore buy online at least once a month.