These days, lighting delivers more than just illumination to interiors and exteriors. Decorative lights have become an integral part of design aesthetics for homes, offices and other commercial establishments.

Creativity sparked the evolution of decorative lights, which, while being a relatively new segment in the lighting industry, has seen an increasing uptake among consumers over the years.

If you are looking to buy decorative lighting for your home, office or shop, then options abound online or in-store. In most cases, visiting a shop to see the light in a live setting, rather than just from online brochures, will give you a better, more real experience of how the lighting would impact your interiors or exteriors, and whether or not it would achieve the illumination and ambience you desire.

In-store shopping for decorative lights lets you have a ‘see, touch, feel’ experience right from the store, so you won’t need to base your decision on mere imagination.

What’s more, in-store shopping also lets you speak to a professional light designer, who can give you expert advice on what lighting works best for the place you will install it in, how many you need to sufficiently illuminate the entire space, energy-efficiency features, and which ones deliver the best value for your money.

In fact, speaking to a professional lighting consultant is the unparalleled advantage of shopping for decorative lighting in-store.

In some countries, ‘light lounges’ are set up to welcome customers and make them experience decorative lights real-time. Light lounges are different from mere light shops where lighting products are showcased on shelf; inside a light lounge, decorative lights are lit so the experience is as real as possible.

What are some of the trendiest ways to use decorative lights? Apart from hanging them over counters or dining tables which are just two of the usual places you’d find them, decorative lights are increasingly seen along with nice lamp shades with unique finishing, a mesh, or cage designs that cast very beautiful shadows, or as a ceiling lamp for entrance, walkways, and bathrooms.

As a Ceiling Light

As a Ceiling Light

As a Hanging Light

As a Hanging Light

The possibilities are boundless, especially when you have a professional light designer to guide you. Decorative lighting is about achieving dramatic effects that inspire you, whether you’re using lighting to cast a glow or cast a shadow.

The trick is to visit a one-stop shop to see, touch, and feel your decorative lighting to make sure a truly inspirational living awaits!

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